We are a local tour operator and take care of you from the time you arrive at the airport, right up until you fly home. Tours Kilimanjaro is owned and staffed by Tanzanian people who were born and raised in Tanzania and live here. We know everything about this country and can tell you all about the culture, nature, wildlife and hidden treasures. We believe it offers you a richer, more interesting experience. Another advantage of choosing a local tour operator is that locals benefit directly from your presence. Our office is based in Arusha (Tanzania) and we have over 10 years of experience in the safari business.

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My wife and I took the Tanzania safari trip as and extension to a 4 country European trip as an extension. Odd maybe, but true. Much less expensive than an African Safari by itself from the states. Flew into Arusha, toured the local game preserve, then went to Ngorongoro Crater on two days of Safari, and ended up in the Serengeti doing 4 days of safari. All safaris were 6-8 hours per day, with a guide who drove 6 of us in an “African Ant” through some of the most amazing country.
Weldon E
It could not have been better, thank you for the experience! We depart from Arusha with a 4WD to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We visited Masaai village on the way going to Serengeti National Park. The guides were very attentive and explained in detail the curiosities and solved all our doubts. They managed to make us see and observe most of the fauna and further the bug five, they are experienced. If you plan to make a safari don't doubt